‘The Mountain, Les Invisibles’,
Single channel video, Duration 10:28, 2016 –

The work ‘The Mountain, Les Invisibles’ was shot in the site of the Montreal Biodome. The Biodome originally served as the Velodrome for the ’76 Olympics and now houses an indoor zoo, where they have recreated four ecosystems of the Americas. The site lies somewhere between the real, artificial and the staged. I was interested in the role of the staff who work in the premises of the Biodome, as they inevitably move between spaces of reality and fiction. I was interested in the mind of these people who reveal their relations to the site, by concocting fictions, which emerge between the architectural space and the potentiality of its narrative.

'Untitled 1 – 12’, Charcoal on paper, Dimensions 38x46 in, 2017