‘Study for a landscape, Ile sainte Hélène’
Single channel video, Duration 09:08, 2015 –

‘Study for a landscape’ was a performative intervention that I had done on the Île Sainte-Hélène, which was one of the two islands, located off the main city of Montreal on the river Saint Lawrence. The archipelago of which Saint Helen's Island is a part was chosen as the site of Expo 67, a World's Fair on the theme of Man and His World, or in French, Terre des Hommes. In preparation for Expo 67, the island was greatly enlarged and consolidated with several nearby islands, using earth excavated during the construction of the Montreal metro. The nearby island, Notre Dame Island, was built from scratch. From both these islands one can see an extrinsic landscape view of the city of Montreal. Through my video performance I wanted to create a rupture in the staged set up of the landscape by almost physically entering and shifting the landscape.