The Tour

'The Tour, rock sculpture’, fiberglass and epoxy paint, dimensions variable, 2018 –

These sculptures act as fragments of a futuristic landscape: starting with the large and small fiberglass boulders. These are casts of real boulders that I found while in Hyderabad, characteristic of the rocky terrain of the Deccan Plateau. From a distance they look real, heavy, and, even, otherworldly. But upon closer look, the illusion dissolves easily, and instead we are pulled into the glimmers of iridescence painted onto their corners, or along their interior. The smaller rock sculptures, if viewed head-on, appear as though flattened and two-dimensional. The addition of chrome paint intensifies the relationship between the sculptures’ pulpy interiors and the light that falls upon them. The light seems to infinitely bounce off the sculptures’ inner grooves, as though caught in its own dramatic interplay

'The Tour', Two Channel Video, Duration 19:22, 2017 –

The Tour from Amshu Chukki on Vimeo.

Shot on deserted film sets, this work takes us on a tour of a city that is both ancient and futuristic. With time suspended on its surface and left in limbo, the sites we see like allegories to the future of our ancestors.

The Film City with it's—constructed hospitals, hotels, and neighborhoods—resemble a deserted post-apocalyptic city, whose inhabitants have disappeared. The tour bus, loaded with visitors, navigates this seeming abandonment of this city. Along the tour, the guide re-imagines Film City’s desertion and narrates fictions that originate from this site.